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The ArteFatto Gioielli goldsmith’s workshop designs and develops your idea, creating personalized jewelry according to your most varied needs.
The jewels are crafted in a way that accentuates their uniqueness.

Our precious metals identification mark is as follows:

Cosa facciamo?

  • Creations of personalized jewelry
    We design the single jewel or a complete line
  • Wedding rings and frames handmade
    We make rings and frames in the most varied forms on your request
  • Engravings
    Pantograph engravings are carried out inside rings and rings and, if necessary, even a burin for a result that once again exalts craftsmanship
  • Repairs of various kinds
    Widen and tighten rings, welds, polishes, modifications and all that is needed to bring the jewel back to life
  • Embedding of precious stones
    Precious and semi-precious stones are collected in every shape and kind
  • Production of prototypes in wax and molds
  • Galvanic baths
    Gilding, burnishing and rhodium plating
  • Stringing of pearls and gems
    They put on necklaces and bracelets
  • Jewelery restoration
    Refurbishment of antique jewelry of every style and age. Your disused jewelry will have new life and the luster of new jewel of factory